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Superior Boiler is a manufacturer of Modular Hot Water and Steam Heating systems that are substantially more efficient than traditional large boilers. Modular boilers fire-up quicker than conventional systems, with less loss of heat, to better meet the heat requirement.

Benefits of Modularity

Superior Boiler’s elegantly simple design maintains consistent water volume where heat is required.

  • Boilers are activated sequentially, drawing water from the main loop into the next hot water boiler until the heating need is met.
  • Firing boilers remain isolated, so no heated water circulates through cold boilers.
  • During most of the year unfired boilers provide additional backup.
  • Outdoor temperatures and loop water temperatures are constantly monitored.

The efficiency of this design is most apparent during warmer months, when a conventional boiler would still be operating at full capacity.

Primary-Secondary Piping

Superior Boiler integrates modularity with a single pipe primary-secondary system, and was the first company to employ this concept, receiving a patent for it in 1967. It operates with two loops, (i) the primary loop, or building main loop, and (ii) smaller secondary loops off of each hot water boiler, which supply heated water to the primary loop.

Upon a call for heat, the pump pushes the return water into the boiler and out through the secondary loop, supplying this hot water up into the primary loop (the main header), where it mixes with the cooler return water from the main building loop.

  • Supply and return water are blended, avoiding the need for expensive and unreliable mixing valves commonly used in two pipe systems.
  • The secondary loop isolates each hot water boiler, resulting in a very efficient system that minimizes thermal shock.

Control Panels

Superior Boilers can be sequenced by the use of control panels that will provide many benefits, including:

  • Temperature set-back when less heat is required, such as nights and weekends.
  • Adjustments for latent heat, to take advantage of hot boiler water that retains heat after the burner shuts down.
  • Outdoor reset based on atmospheric temperatures.
  • Monitoring of return water temperatures to maintain accurate heating output.

It is also very easy to sequence our boilers using the panel of any other major manufacturer.

Packaged Product

AllSuperior Boiler hot water and steam boilers are fully assembled, packaged products, which offer several advantages over boilers that must be assembled at the jobsite

  • Onsite labor costs are minimized.
  • Quality control is higher and more consistant at the factory
  • The ease of installation of modular boilers allows for quicker start up.

Benefits of Steel

Easy to Clean – To maintain boiler efficiency, heating surfaces must be kept clean. AllSuperior Boiler heating surfaces, especially the firetubes, are easy to access. It is impossible to clean all the heating surfaces of cast iron boilers, and what can be reached is difficult to clean.Superior Boiler also makes it easy to clean the water surfaces. The cleaning of the interior of a cast iron boiler is a major undertaking, and even then only the vertical surfaces can be cleaned. This can have a significant impact on operating efficiency.

Easy to Repair – Because of their steel construction,Superior Boiler hot water and steam boilers can be repaired in the field with minimal disruption. A leak can be permanently welded or the tubes re-rolled with little difficulty. It is impossible to permanently weld a cracked cast iron boiler section or a leaking copper fin-tube boiler. The firetubes are easily accessed through the top and through the firedoor.