Superior Boiler provides both OEM and non-OEM parts for all Superior Boiler, English Boiler, Creek, and Triad products, as well as parts for competitive equipment. We also specialize in boiler tube replacement packages as well as complete rear doors, clean-out plugs and other boiler vessel replacement equipment.

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Parts & Equipment List

Boiler Vessel Replacement Equipment​
  • Boiler Tubes
    • Replacement Tubes For Firetube Boilers (2, 2 1/2, and 3 In. 11, 12, And 13 Gauge), Rifled Tubing Available upon Special Application Request​
    • Replacement Bent Tubes for Package Watertube Boilers​
    • Boiler Turbulators, Available with Tubes or as Separate Replacements​
  • Replacement Tube Sheets For ALL Existing Superior Boilers and Other Boilers on the Market​
  • Replacement Refractory Bridge and Blocks​
  • Boiler Doors, including Complete Rear Doors​
  • Clean-out Plugs​
  • Complete Fireside-Waterside Gasket Kits for Each Superior Model​
  • Repair Sections​
  • Membrane Wall Panels​
  • Corrugated/Plain Furnaces​
  • Headers and Drums​
  • Heat Exchangers, Tube Bundles, and Pre-heaters​
  • Superheater and Reheater Tube Assemblies​​
Boiler Trim Replacement Equipment​
  • Pumps – Water / Fuel Oil, including Grundfos Pumps​
  • Safety Valves​
  • Blowdown Valves​
  • Warrick Controls​
  • Water Level Controls​
  • Gauges, including Pressure Gauges​
  • Gaskets, Insulation, and Rope​
  • Handhole/Manway Plates​
  • Boiler Safety Equipment​
  • Davit Arms​
  • Stack Dampers​
  • Spool Pieces​
  • Thermometers​
Combustion-Related Replacement Equipment​
  • Burners and Boiler Controls​
  • Combustion Safeguard Controls​
  • Electrical Relays, Starters, Switches, and Motors​
  • Burner Parts​
  • Burner Mounts
Economizers and Spiral Fin Tubes for Economizers and Waste Heat Boilers​

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