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General Description

High temperature hot water generator, either in the lamont or membrane style


  • Offered in two models: Patented Membrane-style or Lamont-style
  • Square furnace allows uniform heat distribution and promotes lower emissions
  • Balanced flow in all sections of the generator
  • Gas outlet configuration: top or rear


  • Membrane tube or Tangent tube water-cooled furnace design sized to fit the flame geometry.
  • Convection bank consisting of bare tubes, SS and CS fin tubes.
  • Welded tube to header joints.
  • Inline or staggered convection tube arrangement optimized according to operating conditions.
  • Multiple or single gas pass configuration.
  • Internal or external economizer.


100% Furnace water-cooled membrane wall construction
Air-tight full membraned front, rear, and side exterior walls
0.25″ thick membrane fin plate
All drilled drum holes are grooved
Minimum tube thickness exceeds ASME requirements:
– 0.105″ min. wall convection tubes
– 0.120″ min. wall furnace tubes
Economizer designed and built by Superior
All ladders and platforms are fit and bolted to boiler then disassembled for shipment


Packaged boilers are trimmed with necessary safeties and code piping and signed off on by code inspectors. Factory mounted and wired, proven and reliable packaged burners are available from your choice of burner manufacturer.

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